Re: [mu TECH]: Running 'jove' in mulinux

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 13:48:57 CEST

Dear Stephen

> Mark Roberts wrote:
> > Error: cannot resolve symbol 'ospeed'.
> I'm groping in the dark here, but "cannot resolve symbol" doesn't
> look like "wrong value".
> I've found some jove source files on a machine here, with a README
> saying it was last updated about five years ago. A bit of grepping has
> come up with the following in a file called sysdep.doc:
> Certain variables used by termcap/terminfo are
> declared in the library on almost all systems. For
> those systems that don't define them, this macro
> enables declarations within Jove. Needed for HPUX
> and possibly other SysV Rel.2 machines. If you get
> messages like "ospeed undefined" when linking, try
> this.
> I realise that your message was at runtime, rather than while linking,
> and that this may be a red herring.

Thanks for your support. I think it might help: if I go get the sources
and recompile on my main system, it will find the symbol while linking and
then, back in mu, not during runtime. But if I activate
DEFINE_PC_BC_UP_OSPEED, it will never want ospeed again, not while linking
and not at runtime. And all will live happily ever after. Knock on wood.


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