From: dumas patrice (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 19:58:12 CEST

First, what does ile ? I managed to see where it is launched from (a
login wrapper), but still don't know what it does. (I ask that, because I
"massacred" a muLinux and added modprobe, and a kernel with kmod and the
kernel wants to load a module for ile, Char-major-4 which is serial, if I
remember well).

Second, I have hard time to figure out irq stuff (problem with plip). Does
someone know where to find info about these beasts ?
Last, I have in /proc/devices some devices I understand what they are, but
also some others I can't figure out :
character devices : ttyp, console, vcs.
block devices : fd (floppy disk ?)

Thanks for your answers.


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