BOOT fs (startup) get corrupted

From: dumas patrice (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 20:11:50 CEST

Hi, (I promise it is the last message...)
I have a problem with muLinux, that I can't well reproduce. Sometimes the
BOOT fs, that is on the floppy, not compressed, and mounted under
/startup, gets corrupted. I get the message,
mounting unchecked fs, do e2fsck,
and also some errors sometimes while reading files, or doing cat,
or the like. When I do a e2fsck, it totally destroys the filesystem. Does
someone have such a problem, or an idea why it happens or how to check
ext2 problems ?

Michele, I know the disk is overcrowded, but could it be possible to have
e2fsck on it ? The one I have is certainly much too big, but it is not a
dynamic executable, maybe it exists linked with the libc5 ? I think the
response is no, but... ;-)


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