Re: Just a little newbie question

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 11:47:16 CEST

Vesa-Pekka Palmu a écrit :

> How can I chance the normal -ash shell to bash ? I have looked
> everywhere I can think of for a configuration fie where i could
> chance this.

If mulinux was a normal unix, and also I think, if there is the good add-on
setup (ext ?), there would be 2 ways :

If you want bash to be the shell used allmost everywhere, you do a symlink
from bash to sh in /bin, that is
# cd /bin
# rm sh
# ln -s bash sh
If you only want to change root shell (or another user's shell), you should
change it in /etc/passwd, the shell used is the last field.

But the mu login is a tricky wrapper, so if you want to change your shell,
you have to change the code in the wrapper. You don't need ile anymore, but
I think that you have to keep it anyway as it replace the true login. So,
what you have to do is change the -ash in -bash.

I am not sure wether -ash is only to say that ash is to run in the same
shell than the login (or ile ?) programm, as usual, or if it is a trick as
ile only accept to run programs if there is a dash preceding it. I say that
because there is a suspicious link from -ash to ash... So you should also do
a similar symlink for bash.
# cd /bin
# ln -s bash -bash

If you do all that on a hd based mulinux, the changes should be kept. To add
it on a disk, you have to unpack and rebuild muLinux.

About that login wrapper, I have a question. Is the #!/bin/ash line
recongnized by the kernel ? As when the login programm is launched (by
agetty), there is no shell to recognize that line ???


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