Re: plip with mulinux + rc.local question

From: Lisias A. Toledo (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 22:16:19 CEST

Dumas Patrice wrote:
> Sven Conrad a écrit :
> plip is running on the 2 computers, but ping doesn't work. In fact I don't know
> wether my cable is a null cable or not. I have this cable because I have an
> external cdrecorder, and this is the cable used for it. Does someone know if it
> is a null cable ?

No, i don't think you have a null cable... You must have a IEEE-1284 compatible paralel cable. The IEEE-1284 defines comunications between parallel port devices (like ZipDisks, Scanners and your CD-Recorder - It's yours a HP-SureStore??). Or in others words, communications using LPT unidirectional, LPT bi-directional, EPP and EPC.

You can think on it like a poor man's SCSI... 8-)

Null cables for parallel ports transmits only 4 bits a time (and is slooowwww). I don't think your cd-recorder can handle a so slow bandwidth. It must be, at least, a LPT bi-directional. I didn't know plip could handle IEEE-1284 cables!!!

Can you send us the pins schema???

In time, i think this is something off-topic but...

My MASTER computer uses a Red-Hat 5.2 distro. I had defined runlevel 3 as desk-top mode, and the runlevel 4 as a server (http, ftp, smb, etc) for my production computers (i'm a private developer - nice words, huh???) running Win32 (blargh - what a man must do to earn money!).

Nowadays the main use of the MASTER is a server, so I put this line on [inittab]:


But since then [/etc/rc.d/rc.local] was not runned on boot!!! Switching this entry to 3 makes things work nice...

How can I fix this? I know the easier way is configure runlevel 3 as server, but I'm *stubborn* (i hate translators!!!)... 8-P

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