Re: plip with mulinux + rc.local question

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 21:30:29 CEST


> No, i don't think you have a null cable... You must have a IEEE-1284 compatible paralel cable. The IEEE-1284 defines comunications between parallel port devices (like ZipDisks, Scanners and your CD-Recorder - It's yours a HP-SureStore??). Or in others words, communications using LPT unidirectional, LPT bi-directional, EPP and EPC.

My cd recorder is in fact an IDE cdrecorder which is in a box that convert it to parallel. It uses a protocol thtat is understand by linux. But I haven't fully tested it.

> You can think on it like a poor man's SCSI... 8-)
> Null cables for parallel ports transmits only 4 bits a time (and is slooowwww). I don't think your cd-recorder can handle a so slow bandwidth. It must be, at least, a LPT bi-directional. I didn't know plip could handle IEEE-1284 cables!!!

Well, I think it can not... I didn't manage to get plip work even though everything else was fine (only ping doesn't work).
But I don't know what transfert mode to put. With SPP one side and "bidirectionnal" the other it wasn't fine. With EPP 2 side, I have a problem as one (the big one I bought last october :-( hangs. But do you think the 2 have to be set to the same transfert mode ? (well, suposedly I had the right cable).

> Can you send us the pins schema???

What is that ?

Michele, just look above, it's quite unsure that your male male cable is a null cable.


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