Re: plip with mulinux

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 20:31:46 CEST

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 06:19:57PM +0200, Dumas Patrice nicely wrote:

> Well, if you define a network associated to an interface, you do static routing,
> no ? Rustic static routing, it's true, but if the muBox is a router between
> different subnets, each ones associated with a different interface, this could
> be sufficient. I am not an expert at all in this stuff, so maybe I am wrong, but
> it seems to me that routing a packet can be easily do with associating a natwork
> and netmask to an interface ?

On the list we have a network guru, but I do not remember the name (please,
help us!).

What will happens if I
1. rename setup/network as setup/eth (eth cards and PCMCIA),
2. rename setup/ppp as setup/isp (internet connections)
3. write setup/plip and setup/ppp to handle only pc-to-pc serial/parallel
connections by pointtopoint cable.
4. rewrite setup/network to handle only "route" commands?

> In my opinion, it could be good to have a for stuff common to all
> the interfaces, that is the nameserver, dhcp, and routing. One route could be
> defined in the .fun specific to an interface, but in that you should
> define more routes for the interfaces.That should generate a too complicated
> .cnf file, maybe...

Oh, you are thinking as I did: to put in only what is *global*
or *common* to all network interfaces: nameserver, hostname, dhcp,
routing and default gateway. Perfect.

What is obscoure for me is that: suppose we have plip0, ppp0, ppp1, eth0, eth1
up. What I can put in

This script can extract info about interfaces dinamycally, i.e. using
"ifconfig". Then, it can use the "route" command to enstablish and control
the flux of packets between interfaces.

I'm ignorant: maybe, I call routing what it's called bridging?


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