Re: plip with mulinux

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 22:00:34 CEST

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> On the list we have a network guru, but I do not remember the name (please,
> help us!).
> What will happens if I
> 1. rename setup/network as setup/eth (eth cards and PCMCIA),
> 2. rename setup/ppp as setup/isp (internet connections)
> 3. write setup/plip and setup/ppp to handle only pc-to-pc serial/parallel
> connections by pointtopoint cable.
> 4. rewrite setup/network to handle only "route" commands?

I think it is fine, but more precisely :
4. rewrite setup/network to handle common stuff (nameserver, dhcp, hostname)
5. write a setup/route to add exotic static routes (or put this in network).

> What is obscoure for me is that: suppose we have plip0, ppp0, ppp1, eth0, eth1
> up. What I can put in

I surely don't understand your question, because you gave the response just above :
you can put the nameserver and so on !!!

> This script can extract info about interfaces dinamycally, i.e. using
> "ifconfig". Then, it can use the "route" command to enstablish and control
> the flux of packets between interfaces.

In fact I think this could be in a specialized .fun or in the same than common
networking stuff.

I was thinking about something like :
in info() : "to configure routing statically, choose an interface and choose address
that are to be reached via this interface"

in prepare() : while [ 1 ]
take all the interfaces that are up and display them;
prompt ans "..." "choose interface or quit "
while [ 1 ]
prompt ans ".." "configure a route to a n)et, an a)dress, or s)top configuring routes
with this interface"
if it is an address, prompt the address..
if it is a net, prompt the net and the mask.
if s break
if quit break.
save -n configure

in configure : add all the routes.

There is a big difficulty in that case, that is that the .cnf has to have entries
formatted, because it cannot have a dynamical number of entries. Maybe something
ROUTES="iface1:address iface1:net:netmask iface2:net:netmask....."
It's totally unorthodox, and also not easy to implement (although possible, I think)
What do you think about that ?
There also should be a way to shutdown routes.
Note that actually, there is nothing to del routes in netconfig, perhaps this should
be added ?


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