Re: Still looking that console text editor

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 09:54:19 CEST

Vesa-Pekka Palmu schrieb:
> I would really like to have a text editor with a wordwrap option (like
> that on in tkNotepad moving only complette words, not like that in
> ae)

Ok, I know you hate vi, you mentioned it earlier, but perhaps you will
give it a new try. Then vi is on every unix/linux. Learn it once and use
it everywhere!!!

OK, vi has a strange user interface, because it was born when terminal
had no cursor or function keys. How can this incredible editor make your
wishes come true.

> Features that I require are only:
> Runs in mu

Is not a problem :-)

> has wordwarp option (or the only mode is wrapped)

vi is a front end to that unbelievable line-editor ex (you remember on dos?) You enter this ex by typing a simple colon ":" (in vi
of course! you will see the : at the lower left corner.)
Use the set wrapmargin command, e.g:
:set wrapmargin=4
This enables wordwrap 4 chars before the right margin! WHOLE WORDS

:set wrapamrgin=0 (disables wordwrap)
:set (shows the actual settings)
:set all (shows all posibilities)
:set x (typically set th x option),
:set nox (typically disables the option)

> can save/load files (I think that every text editor has them)
:w filename (to save)
:r filename (read a file into the edit buffer, means insert)
:e filename (edit a new file)

> runs in console
see section runs in mu :-)

 "We are the VIs! EDITING as you knew it is over. ....

For more info read this little tutorial at a I
think it is really good and it not wasted time.

Ups, navigare seems to be offline, try this: Also in italian or german with
the extensions .it or .de

Bye, Gerhard

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