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From: Lisias A. Toledo (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 15:32:06 CEST

Gerhard Thimm wrote:
> Vesa-Pekka Palmu schrieb:
> >
> > I would really like to have a text editor with a wordwrap option (like
> > that on in tkNotepad moving only complette words, not like that in
> > ae)
> Ok, I know you hate vi, you mentioned it earlier, but perhaps you will
> give it a new try. Then vi is on every unix/linux. Learn it once and use
> it everywhere!!!

vi is really powerfull. A really great text editor. But I agree with VPP. I hate it... 8-P


> > Features that I require are only:
> > Runs in mu
> Is not a problem :-)
> > has wordwarp option (or the only mode is wrapped)
> vi is a front end to that unbelievable line-editor ex (you remember
> on dos?) You enter this ex by typing a simple colon ":" (in vi

Argh!!! I was happy I had forgot EDLIN... 8-)


Well... Do you know RHIDE? It's a old style Borland text mode IDE for programming. Very nice (but a little buggy). Salvador E. Tropea - SET - ( is the crazy guy who's wrote SETEDIT, the text editor behind modern RHIDE (RHIDE is a IDE). Andris Pavenis ( is cleaning the RHIDE code nowadays, and had released a beta version of RHIDE with a lot of bug handled (like updated GMP support).

The good thing about SETEDIT is it uses Turbo Vision. The bad thing about SETEDIT is it uses Turbo Vision... 8-P

Or had used... last time I exchange email with SET he told me he's working in a GPLed version of TV.

Borland released the TV's source code, granted the right to anyone use and modify it, but not the right to redistribute it, and this make things a little hard to GPL developers. One must send a DIFF against TV, send the URL to download Borland's TV, and the user must PATCH the whole thing and just then compile the application. Binaries can't be send, because we cant's redistribute TV even as binaries. Porting TV to a lib could be a good Idea, but doesn't solve the main question.

This is a nightmare to the common user, and prevents TV to be widely used on Linux community. Shame...

However, I can't find a working URL to SETEDIT (I already complained with SET, let's see why), so here goes the RHIDE URL. But RHIDE is something HUGE, I don't know how to easily put it in muLinux distro.

There is also FTE. I had played with it 2 years ago, but i just can't remember anything about it. Sorry...


FTE Homepage.

Links to TV for Linux are supposed to live here...

Links to SETEDIT are supposed to live here...

url to last version (June/2000) of RHIDE.

url to Robert Höhne (RHIDE author) page. Abandonned since 1998.

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