Re: [mu OT] proteins from vegatables and/or animals for vegetarians? (was: [ MuLinux and a new editor])

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 17:21:00 CEST

Karl-Heinz Zimmer a écrit :

> Oh, please, do *not* stop discussing this in public: being
> a vegetarian myself I find this topic very interesting and
> I would be happy to be allowed to follow the discussion...

Ok, ok, I am quite for this solution. Everything is in the main spot of
the mu, I think...

I am not a food specialist, but I am a biologist. What I know about our
need in proteins, is that there are 20 ammino acids (hope it is the
right word in english...), and 9 the human being cannot synthetise, so
have to find it in his alimentation. That is for the quality. I think
thoses amino acids are present in vegetables, but not in all vegetables
parts. You have to eat what we call complete in french, (and to have the
vitamines, too). I think in plant embryos there is all what is needed,
and that's why usually vegetarians eat plenty of those.

For the quantity : the adults haven't a big need in proteins, but the
childs have greater needs. And as I said before, there is a family of
plants that is full of proteins in the seeds, which include (pardon me
for some french or latin words :-)
soja (soya), pea, "haricot", "feve" (faba), "cocos", "flageolets", "pois
chiches", "haricots rouges", "lentilles".
The former name of the family was (still in french) "legumineuses".

Ho, my culinary vocabulary is very bad in english !!!!

Eggs are not vegetables but are not animals, and are also full of
protein, and there is some in the milk.

I am not a vegetarian myself (but my girlfriend is), but I like to do
vegetarian meals. To have all you need, you have to take a source of
sugar (in fact glucids) like maize, rice, corn, a source of proteins
like the one above, and also fresh vegetables you like for vitamins, and
also (from time to time) fat vegetables like nuts, almonds and so on, to
have lipidic vitamins. So you have to make meals with different
ingredients and I like to do that, taking 4 different vegetables or the
like, sometimes fruits, and a lot of different spices and this makes a
good, always different and complete meal.

If you look to the past or even in present but not in occidentalized
civilizations, in some civilisations and social classes, there was no
meat eaten and if you look closely, a lot of traditionnal dishes, even
if you remove the meat are complete.


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