Re: [mu OT] proteins from vegatables and/or animals for vegetarians? (was: [ MuLinux and a new editor])

From: Lisias A. Toledo (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 07:28:30 CEST

Dumas Patrice wrote:
> Karl-Heinz Zimmer a écrit :
> >
> > Oh, please, do *not* stop discussing this in public: being
> > a vegetarian myself I find this topic very interesting and
> > I would be happy to be allowed to follow the discussion...
> Ok, ok, I am quite for this solution. Everything is in the main spot of
> the mu, I think...
> I am not a food specialist, but I am a biologist. What I know about our
> good, always different and complete meal.
> If you look to the past or even in present but not in occidentalized
> civilizations, in some civilisations and social classes, there was no
> meat eaten and if you look closely, a lot of traditionnal dishes, even
> if you remove the meat are complete.

Well, good explanation! Thanks.

However, I had read once that the main problem with vegetables is fat... (NOT file alocation tables... heheheheeh). Vegetable fat must be... hummm... in portuguese the word is HIDROGENADA, to be used by us, humans.

Well, I had read there is 5 diferent ways to make vegetable fat "hidrogenada", but only 2 of these are health safe (this type of fat, they says, can cause cancer).

On the other hand, animal fat is rich in "colesterol" (i don't know how to write it in english, but is almost like that). LDL is bad, HDL is good. Some vegetables, like egg-plant, can combat LDL. But cancer is another thing...

I think a good diet is a balanced one. One don't HAD to eat meat, but milk and eggs must be present (this is VERY important to children).

I don't had the time last week, but this week is a national 'holyday" (well, isn't holy, it's civic, but I forgot the correct word) here in Brazil, and I'll talk to a "Public Health Agent" friend of mine.

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