Re: Com2 to com3 link; c++

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 13:52:10 CEST


Just some ideas, no solutions!

Programming the comPorts in DOS is a little nightmare.
The routines to handle the com-speed, databit and so
on are not standarized.

Communicting is pretty easy, pricipe:
  open com2 in readwrite mode --> handle2
  open com3 in readwrite mode --> handle3
    if data on handl2
      send it to handle3
    if data on handle3
      send it to handle2

DOS knows the special files com2: com3:, similar the unix /dev/ttyS0 special

The implementation of this prog depends on the available

I think it is possible to do that, but perhaps it is easier
to run a Native-Adress-Transltion-Prog on you Pentium. I red
that W98 and NT4/2000 has such a software "on board". OK, this
needs two ethernet-cards (often available) from trash or to
run ppp over the serial link, but I never tried this, sorry.

Bye, Gerhard

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