Re: Com2 to com3 link; c++

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 16:09:16 CEST

This can be very easy or hard. It depends on some things
I can not estimate.

1. do this task need interrupt driven access to the com ports?
   If not, it is easy do do. If yes, you have more trouble.
   What interrupt is used for this emulated com3?

2. is it allso possible to acess the emulated modem under windows.
   For windows there are easy to use drivers accessable.
   E.g. with VB.


Jef wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Here's a question to some of you who are very good in writing
> scripts and tiny programms:
> I would like to use muLinux for e-mail and browsing the web,
> however, I have only a winmodem in my pentium computer.
> Now I've installed muLinux on a 386 and I would like to use the
> serial connection to the com2 (on my pentium) to use as a external
> modem in muLinux.
> My winmodem is, when emuleted in a dosbox, on com3, wich
> cannot be changed.
> A little programm for this dosbox could take the input from com2
> and send it to com3. This would surely make it possible for me to
> use my modem with muLinux.
> If anyone can volonteer to help, please send a reply.
> Greetings, Jef Knoors

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