[mu TECH] Network questions for Sven Conrad

From: Michele Andreoli (m.andreoli@tin.it)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 23:18:16 CEST

Hello Sven,

I have now three computers. The "central" node is connected to "left" node
using eth0 and to "right" node using eth1 and ppp0. Nodes runs muLinux.
The network is ideally a slipknot, or a cowboy's lazo, if you wish,
because central and right node have two redundant connections.

I declared different Class C networks for any interfaces (eth0) (ppp0) (eth1).
Routing and masqueranding works nice and I can ping and telnet in
every side.

question 1
Please, isolate my doubts: because central node has three different
IP addresses, what is the ip associated with the hostname for
central host?
Is that currently a senseless question? I.E., the server has no ip itself?
Domainname is senseless? (I'm ashamed of myself for such dubt; please,
do not publicize)

question 2
Using "muless -r 1 /proc/net/dev" on the central node, I can monitor
what is happens; in some case: packets appairs to *enter* in
an interface, but to *exit* using another interface!

That seems to me a sort of 4-space singularity in the kernel's gravitational

Is it caused by the concurrent spurious telnet session used, or is that
the wonderful world of masquerading/forwarding in the linux kernel?


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