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From: Roy Souther (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 21:28:32 CEST

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> Umount any hd, first. Please, try to track the error for me.

There was not hd mounted, but the startup disk was mounted after running

Tracking the problem.
muLinux 9r5

Computer info
BSI Laptop. 486 Dx2 8 MB RAM, 1 floppy drive, no cd-rom, pcmcia slot, no
pcmcia cards, 328 MB HDD, 1 EXT2 partition hda1 199 MB, 1 DOS FAT 16
partition hda2 50 MB, 1 Linux swap partition hda5 78 MB.

1) Insert boot floppy made from mu -i on Linux, chosen option 4 to create
BOOT+ROOT (1722k) and USER (1722k)

2) muLinux asks
Enter profile name to load [root]>
I pressed enter for the default of root, muLinux continues.

3) muLinux instructs me to insert the floppy containing USR and press enter,
I do that. muLinux loads from USR. muLinux jokes "Ohh! I feel (relatively)
good. This /usr is OK."

4) muLinux asks for startup floppy, assuming that it means BOOT+ROOT floppy I
insert that one and press enter.

5) This is different, that last time I got to this point it asked me for the
addon floppies, this time it did not. I assume that it must have saved
something to the hard drive. The first install I chose none of the addons
because I just wanted to make the hda1 bootable and get a Linux system
running on it. I thought I could do that then install the addons onto the
system running on the hda1.

I am now up and running muLinux in three ram disks.
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/ram0 1465 1390 75 95% /
/dev/ram1 1864 1634 230 88% /usr
/dev/ram2 1979 379 1498 20% /tmp

I will try clone again and see what happens.
1) run clone
/# clone

2) muLinux asks me for the destination I want to clone to, I think that is
what it is asking me. There should be a few more words on this screen saying
Your choice"? [1] 2

3) I chose 2 for ext2

4) muLinux is asking me for the startup floppy, it is still in the floppy
drive so I press enter to continue continue.

5) muLinux mounts the floppy disk

6) muLinux shows me the partition table and gives me the chance to change it.
Device Boot Begin Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/hda1 a 1 1 557 204673 83 Linux native
/dev/hda2 558 558 696 50182+ 6 DOS 16-bin >=32M
/dev/hda3 697 697 915 80482+ 5 Extended
/dev/hda5 697 697 915 80485 82 Linux swap

Note: I don't know where the hda3 came from I did not make it. I used
slackware 3.4 install floppies to run cfdisk to make the partitions but when
the floppy install of stackware failed it left the partitions in place and
started trying muLinux. hda3 and hda5 start at the same spot and look to
share the same space, could this be the problem? If this install failes I
will try to remove hda3 then install muLinux again.

7) muLinux asks if I want to repartition with fdisk? No I say.

8) muLinux is asking for a destination partition I choose /dev/hda1 the
default by pressing enter.

9) muLinux asks me about boot partition, it says if I want to use lilo, and I
do, that the boot partition should be /dev/null. So I type /dev/null and
press enter.
# Note: this says "if it does'nt has " it should read "if it doesn't have"

10) muLinux asks if my floppy is a thinkpad floppy, by that I am assuming it
means an actual IBM Thinkpad, so I say no, the default and press enter.

11) muLinux says
Prepare root...
Reformatting /dev/hda1 , any data loss ...

/dev/hda1 a 1 1 557 204673 83 Linux native

You are sure [n]/y
# Note that should read "Are you sure"

And I choose y for yes. That was where it was dieing before, I am not sure
but I may have miss read the question of "You are sure" and pressed enter
thinking Y was default, could that have done it. If so then the error should
be more descript like "User aborted operation"
It seems to be formatting. It is doing some thing.

Rebooted and got operation system missing, restarting muLinux from floppy to
try liloconfig and see if I can install lilo, that maybe needed first.

Now I am stuck try to find how to reinstall the ext addon.

Once again this may have been my own falt answering no to the "You are sure"
question. Thanks for your help.

Roy Souther
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