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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 22:34:01 CEST

On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 01:28:32PM -0600, Roy Souther nicely wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> > Umount any hd, first. Please, try to track the error for me.
> Tracking the problem.
> 1) Insert boot floppy made from mu -i on Linux, chosen option 4 to create
> BOOT+ROOT (1722k) and USER (1722k)

You made the model with two 1722 floppy disk?! Model different form
standard model are not *well* tested, as far cloning is concerned.

> 2) muLinux asks
> Enter profile name to load [root]>
> I pressed enter for the default of root, muLinux continues.
> 3) muLinux instructs me to insert the floppy containing USR and press enter,
> I do that. muLinux loads from USR. muLinux jokes "Ohh! I feel (relatively)
> good. This /usr is OK."

Ok, it works (relatively).

> 4) muLinux asks for startup floppy, assuming that it means BOOT+ROOT floppy I
> insert that one and press enter.
> 5) This is different, that last time I got to this point it asked me for the
> addon floppies, this time it did not. I assume that it must have saved
> something to the hard drive. The first install I chose none of the addons
> because I just wanted to make the hda1 bootable and get a Linux system
> running on it. I thought I could do that then install the addons onto the
> system running on the hda1.

You can install addons *after* cloning the base system using the "-f"
switch to Setup.

> I am now up and running muLinux in three ram disks.
> I will try clone again and see what happens.
> 1) run clone
> 6) muLinux shows me the partition table and gives me the chance to change it.
> Device Boot Begin Start End Blocks Id System
> /dev/hda1 a 1 1 557 204673 83 Linux native
> /dev/hda2 558 558 696 50182+ 6 DOS 16-bin >=32M
> /dev/hda3 697 697 915 80482+ 5 Extended
> /dev/hda5 697 697 915 80485 82 Linux swap
> Note: I don't know where the hda3 came from I did not make it.

This is only the extended partition, but I would like to see /dev/hda4, not
/dev/hda3, of course.

> hda3 and hda5 start at the same spot and look to
> share the same space, could this be the problem?

/dev/hda5 is the *first* partition in the extended partition: ok.

> 9) muLinux asks me about boot partition, it says if I want to use lilo, and I
> do, that the boot partition should be /dev/null. So I type /dev/null and
> press enter.


> # Note: this says "if it does'nt has " it should read "if it doesn't have"

Fracturation. I can't absolutely coniugate this verb "to have"! I can
only coniugate "to be": I'm an Eric From epigon :-)

> 10) muLinux asks if my floppy is a thinkpad floppy, by that I am assuming it
> means an actual IBM Thinkpad, so I say no, the default and press enter.


> 11) muLinux says
> ----------------
> Prepare root...
> ----------------
> Reformatting /dev/hda1 , any data loss ...
> /dev/hda1 a 1 1 557 204673 83 Linux native
> You are sure [n]/y
> # Note that should read "Are you sure"

Correct, now. How, I call that a good way to track the bugs: you
connected your muLinux console to the mailing-list!

> And I choose y for yes. That was where it was dieing before, I am not sure
> but I may have miss read the question of "You are sure" and pressed enter
> thinking Y was default, could that have done it. If so then the error should
> be more descript like "User aborted operation"
> It seems to be formatting. It is doing some thing.

Did you saw messages as "Block, inodes, etc?"

> Rebooted and got operation system missing, restarting muLinux from floppy to
> try liloconfig and see if I can install lilo, that maybe needed first.

No reboot was necessary.

> Now I am stuck try to find how to reinstall the ext addon.
> Once again this may have been my own falt answering no to the "You are sure"
> question. Thanks for your help.

This is *the end*? What happens after liloconfig? Can you do
"liloconfig", putting the loader on a separated floppy disk (/dev/fd0),
then reboot with this floppy?

You can reinstall remaining addon in the NEW (ext2) system, with

                # setup -f EXT


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