Re: Stupid problem with PPP

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 16:31:10 CEST

> I have a problem to aktivate PPP (Mu10r0). I have setup ISP and PORT
> but my modem does not start dialing. I got the message -Sorry no PPP
> kernel support then Wait...... but no dialing. What I am doing wrong?
> Mu9r5 works great for me. I tryed to use PAP. (I can not find the PPP-

Dear Joerg,

I had that problem once. I took it to be a wobbly bit of configuration.
The PPP Kernel depends on another Kernel module (I forget which).

When you invoke the ppp-up script, PPP cannot be inserted into the Kernel,
because the other Module is missing. But due to "No Errorchecking(TM)" the
script waits (....) for something to happen anyway.

The hack is either (1) insmod the missing module, which you will find
inside mu. I suppose that 'insmod ppp' will issue an error message "Cannot
... missing module whrgl" or something, telling you which one it is.
'insmod whrgl.o' will resolve this problem. After that ppp-up will work.
Or (2) find out what's wrong with your configuration, i.e. why the missing
module isn't inserted at startup.

Um. Mark

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