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From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 15:57:21 CEST


> My serious vote is for 'queue', but would prefer 'vlad'. Does anybody
> like 'vlad'?

Have I missed something? I don't understand what the name means.

> It's not obvious what it means, but it is memorable**.

Exactly. What does it mean?

> (**in American English anyhow. Looking up the title 'count', it seems
> that it is 'comes' in Latin, 'conde' in Spanish and Portuguese, 'graf'
> in German and Russian, 'hrabia' in Polish, and 'earl' in English. Maybe
> none of these have the additional meaning of the verb 'to enumerate', as
> 'count' does in English.)

As for German 'Graf': Though it can never mean 'enumerate', at least we
have the word 'graph', which in English is 'graph', i.e. a picture
associated with a mathematical function or physical measurement. That has
something to do with numbers... Were it not for the completely different
(Greek) origin of 'graph' from 'graphein' -> 'to write'. A big hurray for
classical education. This is the first time in ten years I have felt any
use for Latin or classical Greek.

> BTW, International readers may or may not be aware that defanged
> versions of Dracula are ubiquitous in American pop-culture. For
> example, "Count Chocula", is the name of a pre-sweetened breakfast
> cereal whose mascot seems to prefer this sugary cereal to human blood.
> "The Count", a Jim Henson muppet who teaches basic counting drills to
> children on PBS' Sesame Street. "Count Duckula"... a short lived
> comic/cartoon that I know little about except that it looked like a
> cross between Donald Duck and a vampire. It would be possible to list
> many others, but thankfully time does not permit...

Note that "The Count" in German Sesame Street (Sesamstraße) is called
'Graf Zahl': They translated 'count' as 'Graf', noticed it suddenly had
nothing to do with numbers anymore, and added the word 'Zahl' -> 'number'
to reintroduce the pun. 'Graf Zahl' might be translated back to English as
'Sir Number'. Not really very satisfying, is it?

Now everybody from Germany jump on me! Happy typing, everybody,


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