Re: [mu TECH] 'counter' a scripting util... / fitting names

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 17:25:40 CEST

Hi Mark,

> Note that "The Count" in German Sesame Street (Sesamstraße) is called
> 'Graf Zahl': They translated 'count' as 'Graf', noticed it suddenly had
> nothing to do with numbers anymore, and added the word 'Zahl' -> 'number'
> to reintroduce the pun. 'Graf Zahl' might be translated back to English as
> 'Sir Number'. Not really very satisfying, is it?

No, and I myself did always understand "Graf Zahn" (Sir Tooth) which is even
more stupid :-)
But this "translate-pun-into-another-language"-stuff isn't easy. Read a
Terry Pratchett-Book in english and in german translation and you know what
I mean :-(.

But I like the idea of naming the script in a non-standart-english way, so
vlad is my favorite too.
The german "zähler" (counter) doesn't suit well because of the "Umlaut"
(don't know it in english, I mean the "a" with the two dots :-) ), but
try something similar in latin, french or italian of course.
I also like the english expression "cipher", but it doesn't describe your
proggy very well...

> Now everybody from Germany jump on me! Happy typing, everybody,

Please tell me why I should jump on you... :-)


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