Re: Music with sb64pci?

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 20:33:41 CEST

Hi Michele,

> I suggest you to try with the pcspeaker in muLinux. I had been able
> to listen CD, MP3 and also synthetized voice from my speaker.
> But quality surely depend from the device itself.
> # setup sound stop
> # setup sound SYSTEM=speaker
> # mixer vol 100:100
> # say "it works?"

Yes, that is what I wanted. I did it in an earlier Version of muLinux, but
as I tried to do it with 10r0, I heard nothing. I did in fact setup my
output-device as systemspeaker. The say "hello" stuff worked well all the
time, but when I tried to play an mp3 using mpg123, nothing despite some
kracking-sound happend.
So I thought you removed/broke the ability to play mp3s to the speaker and
wanted to restore it.

After testing again I recovered, that there are parts of the mp3 I want to
hear between alls that cracking, but just for half an second or so. My PC is
an celeron 300a with 64 MB, so it should be fast enough to decode it, why is
it so slow? (With that before mentioned earlier version of muLinux, there
was no problem).

btw: When I insert an Audio-CD and play it using playcd it plays it throught
my *real* speaker in a good quality. Doesn't the soundcard need an
module/driver to play such kind of music???

Thanks for helping...


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