Re: Music with sb64pci?

From: Clive Wright (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 02:16:55 CEST

Gerrit Lammert wrote:

> After testing again I recovered, that there are parts of the mp3 I want to
> hear between alls that cracking, but just for half an second or so. My PC is
> an celeron 300a with 64 MB, so it should be fast enough to decode it, why is
> it so slow? (With that before mentioned earlier version of muLinux, there
> was no problem).
Although I have a supported sound card, I had been having
problems with mpg123 similar to those which you describe. So
for comparison purposes I removed the soundblaster module
and installed the speaker module in its place. The symptoms
were as you describe. After performing the following; mp3
reproduction through the internal speaker - although not
perfect - improved considerably.

I assume you are using a cloned mulinux launched from the
dos prompt. If so try the following:

edit c:\linux\loadlin.cfg

Amend the line:
"no387" to read "#no387" and save the amended file.

Use loadlin to launch Mulinux, e.g. cd to the linux
directory and issue
the command linux.


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