why do you upgrade ?

From: Alfred Breull (puma@hannover.sgh-net.de)
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 12:57:19 CEST

i [1] really like to know why to upgrade a running mulinux ?

usually, you upgrade because of bugs, security holes or new/ different
hardware. in mulinux, upgrades may also involve smaller or more elegant
solutions of existing scripts, programs or earlier versions.

so far, so good.

but, bugs or security holes are gone (i think). also, there will be (for
good reasons) no upgrade from lib5 to lib6.

of course, i know that several members listen to music, receive fax,
use lisp, perl, enjoy x-windows or mixed distribution ('jam' <g>) risks
etc, and that there might exist one or other problem, but - most of this
could've been done in v6r4 also.

please, don't understand this as flame. i really like to know.
so, once again, why to upgrade a running mulinux system ?

[1] i've several boxes (thinkpad 486sx33, p-266 toshiba notebook, p133,
p200, p2-400) running mulinux (from 6r4 to 9r3). using mc, vi and gcc,
i think that close to nothing has changed between 6r4 and 9r3. please,
exuse my ignorance of mulinux's other applications. also, if i remember
correct, there have been not basic changements in mail, news reader,
or browser.

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