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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 15:39:29 CEST

On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 11:57:19AM +0100, Alfred Breull nicely wrote:
> i [1] really like to know why to upgrade a running mulinux ?
> usually, you upgrade because of bugs, security holes or new/ different
> hardware. in mulinux, upgrades may also involve smaller or more elegant
> solutions of existing scripts, programs or earlier versions.

The 2th you said. Please, follow the links "Release Notes", in the
DOWNLOAD bar, in the homesite. I wrote:

"best part of improvements are
not for the 'end user'. So, to download this release is not a
great benefit for the mean user with only PPP internet connection"

If you need no NFSroot capability, 10.x isn't for you. If you need no
simultaneus PPP daemons (for example: toward your ISP and toward
a direct connected PC), 10.x is not for you. If you need no PLIP (
i.e. network connection using parallel port), 10.x is NOT for you.

If you do not wish to implement a own addon, well: do not download 10.x,
because in 10.x to add a new addon is too easy.

If you have <=1 ethernet card, please mantain 9.x; the same conclusion.

If you, using 9.x, will do "ppp-off" you kill the pppd daemon at all, shutting
down also other non-ISP serial connections.

> please, don't understand this as flame. i really like to know.
> so, once again, why to upgrade a running mulinux system ?

I need encouragements from you, not viceversa, of course.
New releases are for new users: when changes are truly relevants,
I usually will inform using the mailing-list (but usually, they
never are, unfortunately).

I run happyly my 10.3 release, because I can now connect three
computers using only serial ports, running NFS, samba and ftp over
a 3-pin line.
But what you told is perfectly true:
as far the user-side is concerned (X-Window, applications, in a
single word: the addons), 5.x or 6.x are good as well. I usually do
not spent much time on the addons. They have no appeal for me.
To mantain a such amount of mega-and-mega of (more-or-less) buggy software,
is out of the possibilities for a single human with standard capabilities.

My only interest is the root.gz archive: if I add something in this
1/2 Mbytes, well: I learned something new; if I successfull remove
something from it, well: I learned two good thing. From my point of view,
muLinux is not 20Mb, but 1/2 Mb located in root.gz.

The operating system IS root.gz: USR and other are only brute material.
Rarely changes in root.gz impacts on the remaining functionalities,
but this is a feature, not a bug.
> i think that close to nothing has changed between 6r4 and 9r3.

Because You are (frankly speaking) a superficial observer. Nothing
happened in Mathematics from V Century A.C., if you only use the
four basic operation (calling VNC and PCMCIA nothing, of course).
Accepting your point of view, why to upgrade
the kernel from 1.2.13 to 2.4.0? The kernel 1.2.13 was able to
recognize all my hardware! The work on muLinux is not comparable
with the incredible task on the Linux kernel, but the argument is

This is the result of many years in using Microsoft products: why
to make efforts in *to understand* when I can simply *to use*?
Acceptable for an executive secretary, but for you?

Please, abandon this philosophy!
If the problem would be only to download some email from Internet,
well I never installed any sort of Linux.


I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't 
remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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