Re: [mu BUG] A bug in the 10.x serie (sorry)

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 14:53:01 CET

At 15:48 28.10.00 +0200, Michele wrote:
>On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 02:25:25PM +0200, Arvid Nymoen nicely wrote:

>> Telling the setup in mu 10.4 (or mu 10.3) that I did not want serial
>> connections between two computers, but wanted configuration for my
>> internet service provider did not give me a working setup.)
>> But then - copying the file "resolv.conf" from an earlier version
>> into the /etc katalog fixed it. The resolv.conf made by 10.4 setup
>> contains nothing, the earlier file contains lines like these:
>> search
>> nameserver < my internet service provider
>This is now demanded to setup/network. You need:
> # setup isp
> # setup network
>The thinks are now logically separated, and that happens also in recent

Perhaps I misunderstand you, but I think it is not logical to
use two diffent menu items if one wants to setup an internet
connection. On earlier version the setup -f ppp did all the hard work.

Well, I tried just now a new installation of mu 10.4 setting up isp
AND network - and I think it is possible to get the right result - if one
already knows MUCH about linux and networking. But I still think this
new setup is a step backwards if mulinux shall continue to be an alternative
to new linux users. I think it would be easier if the ppp setup was
related only to the internet and that it uses the setup questions from
earlier versions. Then the setup for connecting two computers could be
called something else - like pc2pc.

I have tried versions of mulinux since mu 2.4.1 (two years ago?).
Versions 5.x and later have always been easy to set up on the first attempt.
(Before mu I had only experienced that in a slightly similar project
- the PicoBSD onedisk solution - but I prefer linux.) Now I experienced
failure on my part to understand what was expected. I work with more than
100 collegues in an education/treatment centre for handicapped children,
and I
know for sure that none of them would understand what to do either. (I know
it because part of my job is to help them with computing problems.)

This is not a critisism of your impressive mulinux achievement, Michele.
If I shall ever grow tired of trying various linux solutions, mulinux will
be the last one to disappear from my harddisk ( - but my Mandrake will be
deleted very soon - together with an installation of BeOS 5.)
>> ... But Windows never fail - at least
>> on my computers (I'm lucky!).

>yes, you are lucky. In my case, Windows fail often, because I try
>to use it as usually I use Linux: swapping fast from a window to
>another and opening many apps. In this case, often, I get some
>"unrecoverable error in module XYZ - contact the owner", or
>somethink like.

OK, I get those wellknown Blue Screens now and then, every Windows user
does, I think. But nothing really nasty has happened. (Well, remembering
back to the early 90s I once experienced a fault in a program under Win3.1
that destroyed 1.100 files in one second...)

>setup/isp is identicall to older setup/ppp.
It is not. The old setup asked details regarding the internet service
provider and produced very different setup files in the /setup/cnf dirctory.

>I never use setup/isp, but
>use frequently setup/ppp0 to connect my two computers.
>Now, you can call from the office the muLinux in your home, and
>assign to it an IP; then muLinux restart internal server using the
>assigned IP: a sort of DHCP over PPP.

I am sure I will appreciate the new features when I try them - and I know
that the changes come because most of the participant on the mailing
list wanted them it seems. So, continue the good work, you can never
satisfy everyone..


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