Re: [mu BUG] A bug in the 10.x serie (sorry)

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 14:25:25 CEST

At 13:11 25.10.00 +0200, MA wrote:
>For the sake of the humanity, I will release soon a 10r5 version.

I don't know if this is a bug or something happening in my setup

Telling the setup in mu 10.4 (or mu 10.3) that I did not want serial
connections between two computers, but wanted configuration for my
internet service provider did not give me a working setup. I could
connect to my ISP, but fetchmail and lynx could not be used.
(There is nothing wrong with with the computer/modem/my service
provider: Mu9.5 and mu7.6 - and Windows - could be used on the same
evening.) I tried to change the three ppp, ppp0, ppp1 files -
without success (Frankly I don't quite understand the differences there,
I like the one ppp.cnf setup in the earlier versions better.)

But then - copying the file "resolv.conf" from an earlier version
into the /etc katalog fixed it. The resolv.conf made by 10.4 setup
contains nothing, the earlier file contains lines like these:

nameserver < my internet service provider

To end with a positive statement :-)
I like very much to play with Wine from the EMU addon. Of course much
does not work, but a lot does! And because Michele gives us Wine
(perhaps Italian vino bianco) in his famous "Big thing in a small
package" way, hard disk storage is no problem.
>From Wine's own documentation:
3.3: How much disk space will the Wine source code and binaries
take on my hard drive?
It is anticipated that when Wine is completed, you will need
approximately 50 megabytes of hard drive space to store and
compile the source code.
I know the addon can't be used for development, men for most
users it will be enough to show what the Wine prosject has been
trying to do.


I use mulinux on stand-alone computers only. It is mainly used as
"backup" solution. Should my Windows fail, I know I can use mulinux
to get mail and use the internet. But Windows never fail - at least
on my computers (I'm lucky!). I still use mulinux frequently just
because I like it. It contains what I need in a small package.

But in version 10.4 (and 10.3 before that) setup are starting to
get more complicated than in the earlier versions. I think new users
would be better served by choosing something older - like version 9.5.
Specifically I did not like the ppp/ISP setup procedure.

I have had not time for trying
the new simple

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