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From: Angel Martin Alganza (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 02:56:28 CEST

At 21:16 27/10/99 +0100, Richard Kirkcaldy rote:

> That's a similar set-up to my machine, except I have a 486DX. Xwindows

         So do I... my system(s) is(are) 486DX2-66. And I say systems,
because, when I succeeded and the system runs ok, I'll use several of them
configured the same way to use on a class for teaching on using the Internet.

>is very slow loading for me, although it is an old hard disk which I think
>is what is slowing it down.

         But, how about normal usage once the system and any program you
run are already on memory? Is it "usable" or is it a pain to work with such
small resources?

         Time ago I was using Debian GNU/Linux on a 486DX2-66 but with much
more memory (40MB, if memory serves) and it was not bad... but I'm afraid
current versions of Linux would do worse because of hard requirements of
new kernels. But I suspect and hope that muLinux could do the job beautifully.

> I don't have a modem on my 486, so I have only used localhost to try
> out browsing. Again it was slow, but it could be my hard disk.

         I'm on a LAN, so that my system is connected through a 10BaseT
NIC. Hopefully, this will speed up things a bit compared with your setup.
Moreover, the system will be up most of the time, so that the user won't
need to wait for loading Linux and X... simply sit and log in.

         What do you think, Richard (and others). Will this perform well or
should I try to get better hard (memory, processor, other?).

Thanks a lot,

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