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From: Richard Kirkcaldy (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 22:16:53 CEST

    That's a similar set-up to my machine, except I have a 486DX. Xwindows
is very slow loading for me, although it is an old hard disk which I think
is what is slowing it down.
    I tried red-hat 6.2 but that refused to install, I tried small linux,
which was limited in capabilities.
    I don't have a modem on my 486, so I have only used localhost to try out
browsing. Again it was slow, but it could be my hard disk.

Richard Kirkcaldy
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Subject: 486 box
> Hello,
> It's long ago that I know about muLinux, but haven't done much with it
> apart from reading almost everything on this list. like what I see and
> time for me to try it out (I think). What I need is to transform an old
> box into a browsing system. What I would like to achive is to install a
> small footprint installation of Linux with X and Netscape (Mozilla would
> best, of course) or another browser. The system has a hard disk, but
> is very limited (8 MB).
>          Is it muLinux a well suited Linux distribution for such a goal?
> What would be the best way to proceed? Please, point me to some
> documentation when you suggest me to do something (like cloning,
> to a hard disk, etc.), since I am a complete newbie to muLinux, although I
> have some experience with other Linux distributions (Slackware, Debian,
> SuSE, RedHat, Linux Router Project).
> Thank you in advance,
> Angel
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