Re: 486 box

From: Richard Kirkcaldy (
Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 00:58:35 CEST


    Sounds just as fast as mine, but I have 66Mhz. I was going to try and
network it as well, maybe it isn't worth trying. Most things fit on a
couple of floppies, but dos only has 8.3 file names.
    Do you use Netscape though like the original poster wanted to use?

Richard Kirkcaldy
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Bonsoir, Richard.
My 486DX33 laptop runs acceptably fast, with 16b RAM and 200b HD (32 of them
are used for swap).
X Is quite slow loading. ftp and www aren't too much slow. My only true
problem is the Ethernet pocket adaptor (ASanté 10BaseT), which is not
recognized. Another problem is (lack of) time.
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