Re: 486 box

From: Jean Buchet (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 21:43:54 CET

Bonsoir, Richard.
My 486DX33 laptop runs acceptably fast, with 16b RAM and 200b HD (32 of them are used for swap).
X Is quite slow loading. ftp and www aren't too much slow. My only true problem is the Ethernet pocket adaptor (ASanté 10BaseT), which is not recognized. Another problem is (lack of) time.

From: "Richard Kirkcaldy" <>
Subject: Re: 486 box
Date: 27/10/1999 20:16:53
    That's a similar set-up to my machine, except I have a 486DX. Xwindows is very slow loading for me, although it is an old hard disk which I think is what is slowing it down.
    I tried red-hat 6.2 but that refused to install, I tried small linux, which was limited in capabilities.
    I don't have a modem on my 486, so I have only used localhost to try out browsing. Again it was slow, but it could be my hard disk.

Richard Kirkcaldy
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