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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 23:10:05 CET

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> but this do not help in
> developing, because I often may introduce a new kind of bug
> related to "dangling variable reference", etc.

I see the point.

> point. Did You forget the /setup directory, such mu-specific?!

Yes, maybe it should better be in /etc, but there is nevertheless a unity in the /setup dir, it contains all
the muLinux specific setup stuff.

> As far mount point are concerned, we can almost a big Linux distros
> that complaint with /cdrom etc: GNU Debian.
> Ehy, guy! I hate enough to have to write "mount /a" when I wish to
> open the floppy-disk: to write "mount /mnt/floppy" is too also for me.
> I choose the name "/a", "/c" of "/cdrom" in order to help users
> coming from DOS.

I wasn't complaining about the names, but the location in the /. But if you're so lazy, I understand your point
of view ;-) ! In the begining, I was just like you, but when I read help on how and why the filesystem is like
that, and also the FHS standard, and as the number of peripherals on my box grew, I became a /mnt fan ;-).

>Ah, this is different thing. [Of course, part of this discussion between

> me ad You may be faq'ed in some way]
> To keep all configuration script in a single directory help me MUCH when
> I develope or improve. I do that in EXT2 cloned muLinux; when finished,
> I copy the "developement directory" /setup/fun in the distribution directory,
> with a simple "cp -a" command.
> Think about: in order to minimize errors in this crucial step (the most
> part of malfunctions in new releases gets generated here) in the 10.x
> series I moved in /setup the most part of mu-specific stuff, in the
> hope to trasfer with "cp -a /setup".

You don't use mu -r ? Maybe the mu -r should be enhanced, so that it automatically copy the files from your
tree/setup to the correct place, based on the same parsing done for depandancies checking that I advocated ?

> What will happens if, some some raison, I decide to change something
> in the Setup command, etc: I have to *upload* all the addons???

Yes ! ;-). Well, if you use a modem, and if the phone is as costly as it is in France, surely this kind of
consideration is the better one !

> So, you well understand, this kind of choices aren't foundamental,
> but simply matter of convenience.
> You arguments are exacts, but in a world where a lot of contributors
> and mantainers take responsability about any single components and its
> installer scripts.

Oh, I wouldn't go that further... In fact, all the thinks I noted were of some kinds of artistic consideration.
It was a matter of beauty and symmetry, and with my own taste... a little like when doing mathematics, and when
you have different way of making a proof, you make the choice that seems the more elegant way, a matter of
Only you can judge if it is practicaly relevant or not !

This is especialy true for the setup .fun stuff, as it saves only very little space, there are not so much
misplaced ressources, and also for the mount points that is a very detail...

Something totally unrelated, maybe you should put nfs server stuff in the SRV addon ?


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