Re: [mu TECH] pgp (pretty good privacy) for libc5?

From: Richard Kirkcaldy (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 23:11:33 CET

So LibC files are C files that can be installed (with the c add on?). But
other software can't, like dos .EXEs. Have I understood correctly? What
are RPMs? Can I install them in mu?
There seems to be some good software about for linux, if it can be installed
in mu.

Richard Kirkcaldy
The Windows 2000 Eveready Bunny: It's still loading, and loading...
> > Does anyone have a libc5 binary for pgp?
> > Michele
> > --
> Thank you, I found it. There is a good RH4.2 repository here
> Michele
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