Re: Status report, progress, ...

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 09:19:25 CET

> Hi folks,
> rsh
> -----
> I added the rsh client, and the in.rshd daemon, as suggested
> by Mr. Jochen Cichon
Tnx. Jochen is enought... be personal!

> nameserver
> -----------
> time server
> -----------

> new commands
> ------------
> added a lot of new commands: fuser, setleds, cdda2wav (it convert
> audio CD track to .wav), nslookup, formail, md5sum, grep/find,
> diff/patch, etc.
> I'm moving something from far addons towards SRV and WKS.

> a new lynx
> ----------
> I added a full-colored lynx 2.8, a monster sized about 810344!

Whoo. Is that really so muhc important ?! cos. It's size is enormous...

Hey there is something big coming toward us :)
I am doing a homsoft disk at home. Like AX25 and some other Ham related
software for PacketRadio, Soundcard, MorseTutor and something like that.

And a disk with games on it. I fond some nice things at obfuscate C-Code :) Very nice to look at.
After Compiling 1.3k Source you get a 9k Tetris :)))
(I'll try that with the gcc addon. I'll see what will happen :)
 all source is ansi!)
So there might be another GAME addon in the future... (I'll do at weekend(s)..)
An I look for some more Perl Proggies...


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