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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 22:17:52 CET

Hi folks,

(Extracted from the next RELNOTES)

I added the rsh client, and the in.rshd daemon, as suggested
by Mr. Jochen Cichon


I'm now adding the dnrd nameserver, as suggest by Mr. Jan Leveren.
Unfortunately, it do not compile in libc5: it also requires
thread libraries, etc; therefore, I compiled it statically.
It is big, 385140 byte!

In despite of that, this utility (DNRD) looks very smart and easy
to configure: it use primarily /etc/hosts as database, and can
act also as cache-server. I think it can be useful for small
home-made networking, such a school lab, etc.

The "named" binary is 165824 byte, but is to complex to
configure. Comments and suggestion are appreciated.

time server

I implemented also a new setup: setup/rdate, as suggested
by Mr. <>. It is able to
syncronize the time and date using a remote host (RFC868 protocol).
It use a very small command: rdate.

new commands

added a lot of new commands: fuser, setleds, cdda2wav (it convert
audio CD track to .wav), nslookup, formail, md5sum, grep/find,
diff/patch, etc.
I'm moving something from far addons towards SRV and WKS.

a new lynx

I added a full-colored lynx 2.8, a monster sized about 810344!


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Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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