Setup idea

From: Shawn Williamson (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 19:36:30 CET


I have an idea that I thought I'd throw out. It may be silly.

I've noticed that everytime you come up with a new addon you have to
change to 1st disk as well inorder to add it to the setup script. Would
it be a good idea to have each addon have it's own setup script?

The first disk could simply ask to insert any addon disk in the drive.
It then would extract it to /tmp, then extract the addon-setup script
and run it.

That way, if you have to change or add functions to an addon, you only
have to release a new addon, not the 1st disk as well.

Anyway, just an idea I thought might help.

Shawn Williamson.

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