Re: Setup idea

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 21:59:51 CET

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 11:36:30AM -0700, Shawn Williamson nicely wrote:
> Michele,
> I have an idea that I thought I'd throw out. It may be silly.
> I've noticed that everytime you come up with a new addon you have to
> change to 1st disk as well inorder to add it to the setup script. Would
> it be a good idea to have each addon have it's own setup script?

This isn't extact and, in the case it is, then it is a malfunction.
In theory, when the ROOT and the USR segment are in momory, the
/setup directory is alway available during the addon's loading.

The only thing the may causes that is the request of a kernel module
that reside in the floppy: usually, the Setup cache all modules in
/tmp/modules, when a first request is made.

> That way, if you have to change or add functions to an addon, you only
> have to release a new addon, not the 1st disk as well.

We already recently discussed this topic; the answer is: I like to
have all scripts related to Setup in a single directory/disk, because
this facilitate me a lot. If I change something in the Setup itself,
I have to upload 20M of addons, with a different solution.


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