RE: Ease of installation

From: mek (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 23:25:45 CET

hi angel,

> But, and that's way I'm writing to muLinux list, I'm having tons
> of problems to create a set of install floppies for muLinux. Despite the
> fact that I have many (more than 15) boxes I can use, I seem to have only
> one suitable for making muLinux floppies; one that I cannot use for long
> periods of time, since it's a common use box, mainly as a printer server

it really seems that you didn't read the docs. but what is more easy than:

tar xvzf mulinux-xxx.tar.gz
cd mulinux-xxx
./mu -i

this does all:)
dont unpack the addons manually.


ps. hey by using muLinux i really learned to make evrything short and little;)))


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