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From: Angel Martin Alganza (ama@ugr.es)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 20:02:21 CET


I'd like to start saying that I have some experience with Linux (Slackware,
RedHat, SuSE, Debian, LRP, etc) as well in i386 as in Sparc architectures.
I'm very much use to make installation floppies out of floppy images, even
some with special large sizes (1680, 1740, etc), mainly for LRP to make
routers and firewalls.

         But, and that's way I'm writing to muLinux list, I'm having tons
of problems to create a set of install floppies for muLinux. Despite the
fact that I have many (more than 15) boxes I can use, I seem to have only
one suitable for making muLinux floppies; one that I cannot use for long
periods of time, since it's a common use box, mainly as a printer server
(unfortunately running Windows Me).

         I hope at some point I will success and get the muLinux floppy set
and start working with it, since I'm very interested to do so after all I
can read from you guys on this list... anyway, I think it would be great to
have an easier way to make muLinux floppies. Perhaps a simple set of floppy
images we could turn into floppies using dd under Linux or rawrite or
WinImage under WinSucks would do (at least it would make things very, very,
very much easier for me).

         What do you, guys, think about this? Michelle? Everyone else?
Thanks a lot for reading all this. Your ideas are awaited with much interest.


Angel MARTIN ALGANZA http://www.ugr.es/~ama/
Departamento de Genetica & Instituto de Biotecnologia
Campus de Fuentenueva. Universidad de Granada
E-18071 Granada - Spain Tel +34 958 248 926
mailto:ama@ugr.es ICQ#5334825 Fax +34 958 244 073
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