RE: Too much growing?

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Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 08:19:54 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Angel,

Although muLinux is bound to grow as it's userbase grows, I think Michele is taking great care to remain true to the original idea of a "one disk system" with all other disk being add-ons for useful extra features.
Most of the time I myself find myself still using only the base disk and possibly ext(for httpd and other network goodies).
Hence my interest in the idea of the WKS/SRV split.
Hopefully with this new split I'll find myself using only the base/SRV disks with all the other add-ons as "extra niceties" for folks that use that sort of thing.(or when I tinker with them)
As for difficult installation, there's been much mention of that on this list, particularly pretaining to diskette creation, hopefully that'll soon be remedied either with some "spoonfed" docs ie: step by step, or something more. We'll see what the future brings*grin*


>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 19:42:23 +0100
>From: Angel Martin Alganza <>
>Subject: Too much growing?
>I really like what I see about muLinux, although I haven't been able to
>install it yet (but that's a story for a different post). I'm following
>with great interest the whole tread about the new organization of basic
>muLinux in three floppies and I am worrying a bit that muLinux could become
>a kind of "normal" distribution.
> I think the basic idea of what all goes around is muLinux being a
>very small footprint Linux distribution, suitable for installing in
>small/old systems, which is also easy to install (I have to say I don't
>agree at all about that... and I can say I have a lot of experience with
>other distros -see my next post about this subject). With such amount of
>new programs (binaries) added to the distro and w/o a package managing
>system... won't a typical muLinux installation grow a bit too much? Mainly
>if you install a given add-on because you need a certain binary and get
>installed the whole thing when you might not need most of it.
> Perhaps a package manager could solve the problem, but, if we
>could select individual packages (programs) to be install... muLinux would
>be more similar to what I've called "normal" Linux distro... and perhaps
>this could be taken as an excuse to add even more packages to it... Maybe
>I'm doing too much philosophy out of it, but I'm curious to know what you
>all think about those things and would very much like muLinux to continue
>being what it is :)
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