RE: Too much growing?

From: Angel Martin Alganza (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 01:37:51 CET

Hi everyone, Winsor!

At 23:19 13/11/00 -0800, winsor wrote:

>Although muLinux is bound to grow as it's userbase grows, I think Michele
>is taking great care to remain true to the original idea of a "one disk
>system" with all other disk being add-ons for useful extra features.

I am hundred percent sure about that, since I've read Michele saying it
several times... even directly to myself as an answer to my original post.

>Most of the time I myself find myself still using only the base disk and
>possibly ext(for httpd and other network goodies).
>Hence my interest in the idea of the WKS/SRV split.

Which I find extremely cool (I mean the split), since it would make
possible to build up a nice server and or workstation with the features you
like to have.

>Hopefully with this new split I'll find myself using only the base/SRV
>disks with all the other add-ons as "extra niceties" for folks that use
>that sort of thing.(or when I tinker with them)

So that we will find the soft we actually like... Even cooler :)

>As for difficult installation, there's been much mention of that on this
>list, particularly pretaining to diskette creation, hopefully that'll soon
>be remedied either with some "spoonfed" docs ie: step by step, or
>something more. We'll see what the future brings*grin*

I hope it will... I have been reading the list for a very long time... have
read the documentation with great interest but, still, my combination of
hardware seems not to be the right one :)

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