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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 00:11:26 CET

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 07:17:54PM +0100, Jens Korte nicely wrote:
> Hey!
> >
> > My only doubt is about not-SCSI cd-writer. They are managed in Linux
> > using a sort of scsi emulation, if I'm not wrong, using a module
> > called ide-scsi or something like. Someone on the list know the
> The ide2scsi emulates an SCSI Bus. If you have one Scsi Controller, now
> you have two of them. (Only in Software ;-)

Thank you for answer. A little problem: in the 2.0.36 kernel the
SCSI emulation is not available as module. It is compile "in".
How to address that?

> > subject? What device has to be specified in cdrecord? /dev/scd0?
> /dev/sg0
> generic scsi
> If you load the IDE CD-Rom driver, then you can't access the Writer with
> the generic scsi driver. But it should also be possible to mount the IDE
> Writer as /dev/sg0.

I will try. I can mount as /dev/scd0, but the difference is evanescent
for me.


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