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From: Jens Korte (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 19:17:54 CET

> My only doubt is about not-SCSI cd-writer. They are managed in Linux
> using a sort of scsi emulation, if I'm not wrong, using a module
> called ide-scsi or something like. Someone on the list know the

The ide2scsi emulates an SCSI Bus. If you have one Scsi Controller, now
you have two of them. (Only in Software ;-)

From CD-Writing-Howto v2.9.1, 05 May 2000:
(Hope the table is shown well with your mail client, otherwise line 681
or section 2.2.1)

 Sect. Description Module SCSI IDE PP
       BLOCK Enhanced IDE/MFM/RLL... Y
       BLOCK SCSI emulation support ide-scsi M
       BLOCK Loopback device loop M M M
       PARIDE Parallel port IDE device paride Y/M
       PARIDE Parallel port ATAPI CD-ROMs M
       PARIDE Parallel port generic ATAPI M
       PARIDE (select a low-level driver) Y
       SCSI SCSI support scsi_mod Y/M Y/M
       SCSI SCSI CD-ROM support sr_mod Y/M Y/M
       SCSI Enable vendor-specific Y Y
       SCSI SCSI generic support sg Y/M Y/M
       SCSI (select a low-level driver) Y
       FS ISO 9660 CDROM filesystem iso9660 Y/M Y/M Y/M
       FS Microsoft Joliet cdrom... joliet Y Y Y

> subject? What device has to be specified in cdrecord? /dev/scd0?
 generic scsi

If you load the IDE CD-Rom driver, then you can't access the Writer with
the generic scsi driver. But it should also be possible to mount the IDE
Writer as /dev/sg0.

Jens Korte

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