Re: Too much growing?

From: Angel Martin Alganza (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 02:17:08 CET

Hello everyone! Ciao caro Michele!

At 00:45 14/11/00 +0100, Michele wrote:

>To go off the straight and narrow, was started many releases ago, with
>the introdution of the first addon: X11, not with the proposed (and
>realized) split EXT->SRV/WKS. After that, I hadn't capable to slow-down
>the trasmigration.

Mmmhhh... I see... that's interesting and I don't think it's bad... I think
it makes the muLinux possibilities as well as the field of people
interested in muLinux to grow more and more...

>"Normal" a complete UNIX system in three floppy disk? Mmmm ...

Well... when I said "normal" I meant kind of standard. I know muLinux
doesn't have much of standard (at least as I understand that) which is what
makes me being so interested on it. (I have to say I'm a very minimalist
kind of person, interested in embedded stuff as well as in small
distributions - see my links page at

>BTW, what is the muLinux that you have in mind? The first floppy,
>isn't true? Well, I'm with you: the first floppy in not changed!
>Why to scandalize if I add in muLinux mutt, smail, pgp, patch/diff,
>md5sum, rsh when I just added a monster like Wine in a separated addon??
>I'm sure, you are worried because the names of the new addon (WKS and
>SRV) recall in your mind Microsof NT 4.0. If it is, do not worry!

hahaha... I didn't think about it XD

>These names are only matter of convention. How to call them?
>EXT1 and EXT2?
>These names helps me to find with euristic where is a binary:
>I know smbd (a daemon) is in SRV, and mutt (a client) is in WKS.

Si, Michele, I fully agree with you. I find the idea really good but,
supposing I want to add just mutt and samba server to my muLinux box...
will I have to install all binaries in both WKS & SRV add-ons? That's my
concern about "growing to much"... I refer more to a system already
installed rather than to the actual distribution media (floppies, CD, or
whatever). And that's what I though could be solve by using a package
manager system, you know.

>Yes, I introduced the add-on idea under the users boost, but
>without any sort of add-on muLinux should be now a simple maniacal
>floppy disk.

I defined myself as a minimalist... perhaps maniac would be better XD

>I learned very much with script in the first floppy, but we have
>now "0 kb" free on this diskette. Perseverare diabolicum!

And still I get really amazed when I come to check out all that's in there.
It really impressed me again and again. Thanks a lot, Michele, for making
possible such a great thing as muLinux is.

Ci vediamo!

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