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Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 02:25:31 CET


At 00:48 14/11/00 +0100, you wrote:
>What kind of problem you got making the floppy disk?

1. Many errors during floppy creation on several different boxes and using
many, many different floppies (even different brands). Just the one box I
mentioned (Windows Me) seems to do it well enough all the time with most

2. Floppies don't boot properly in the target boxes (a i486 and a iP5).
Sometimes with a LI...... message during LILO boot. Sometimes with an error
message further on (something about unpacking the floppy... sorry, but I
didn't wright it down).

>BTW, muLinux can be installed *without* floppy disk, or using the

Yes, but my target boxes are (still) isolated and do not have a CD-ROM. I
guess I will try to copy the c:\linux directory (well, actually
/opt/linux/, since I don't need DOS and try to install to a EXT2 partition)
by installing the hard disk in a different box.

>only *InstallerDisk*, who is 1440k, a normal DOS floppy disk.

Where can I find it? I haven't really see anything about it until now; and
I really have read through the documentation several times.

Gracie tante!

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