Re: available now for testing only

Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 13:16:36 CET


I didn't realize that I had to set the serial port
addresses, etc. After doing that the mouse worked and startx
brought up the GUI and everything works beautifully. Wonder
if Window Maker, my preferred GUI will work?

It needs more configuration, ppp-on started a connect
sequence of some sort but it never went anywhere, just dots
slowly marching across the screen. I listened on line but
there was just dial tone. I'll give that further attention
but it may never work, AT&T uses CHAP and that waas really
finicky to get working in Linux all though they do provide a
script for ppp-on!

The other thing is the difference in commands from Red Hat
that I', accustomed to, mount /cdrom instead of mount

Your 17 meg version could almost work "out of the box" with
a little more configuration. Unfortunately here it's not
very standard since I don't use the ttyS0 ps/2 mouse

Bob Goodwin - Durant, Florida

Red Hat Linux release 7.0
Kernel 2.2.16-22 i586

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