Re: The BUG!!!!

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 00:41:58 CET

At 21:42 21.11.00 +0200, Daniel L. wrote:
>I Think I located the bug...
>The dos installer does not create (/var/pid), /var/lock, /var/log, /var/run
>or /var/spool
>And My theory is that something needs one of theese (I Tested without
>creating a
>Thanks to Arvid Nymoen(You located the bug....)

No, thank to you, really. I just found something missing, but did not know
if that was THE bug.
Now I have tried two times with success this metod of installation
(deleting the direcory between tests):
Starting in the DOS mulinux directory with only mulinux.tgz and WKS.tgz
- booting (boot.bat); choosing to uncompress and install the image
        files in c:\linux
- Booting (linux.bat) in c:\linux - but stopping in Maintainance mode.
- Creating the directories /var/run and /varspool/mail. (I found that these
two was enough.
- "Exit " to get to the remaining part of the setup.
No more hanging!

I leave it to the programming wizards to make it easier than this...

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