Re: The BUG!!!!

From: Zeimet Alex (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 09:07:26 CET

Arvid Nymoen wrote:

> Now I have tried two times with success this metod of installation
> (deleting the direcory between tests):
> Starting in the DOS mulinux directory with only mulinux.tgz and WKS.tgz
> - booting (boot.bat); choosing to uncompress and install the image
> files in c:\linux
> - Booting (linux.bat) in c:\linux - but stopping in Maintainance mode.
> - Creating the directories /var/run and /varspool/mail. (I found that these
> two was enough.
> - "Exit " to get to the remaining part of the setup.
> No more hanging!


That's nearly the same I did yesterday: As my PC freezed after EMU setup
by answering "No", I restart my PC and I've gone in the Maintenance mode
to configure the minimum I needed by "setup". After saving the
configuration I restarted and there was no hanging after the line "Emu
setup: unwanted". Then I got the configuration screen for the setup and
configurations, and since it I can work now with the 11r1 release. :-)

Greetings Alex

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