Re: The muLinux web-site

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 15:42:21 CET

> There is a field where I think where time can be gained with WYSIWG
> editors, it is the tables generation (for big ones). For example, I
> usually use only plain tex, but I use lyx for tables.

Dear Pat,

a real TeXnician? There are so few of us left! Occasionally I send
mathematical problems / solutions / statements as TeX-files per email and
I get letters saying: "I typed 'latex your_file.tex' and got nothing but

(I have nothing against LaTex, I just don't use it.)

I tried the tex-addon in Mu and found it supported LaTeX but not plain
TeX. How difficult would it be to activate plain tex? Could it be enough
to import the file 'plain.sty' or 'plain.tex' and call the binary with the
correct arguments? Does anybody know?

\rightline{Greetings, Mark}

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