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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 17:01:42 CET

Mark Roberts a écrit :

> > There is a field where I think where time can be gained with WYSIWG
> > editors, it is the tables generation (for big ones). For example, I
> > usually use only plain tex, but I use lyx for tables.
> Dear Pat,
> a real TeXnician?

Oh, not a real one. I do not really use plain TeX, I use LaTeX... But LaTeX
is nothing more than a set of macros for TeX. I understand TeX, and I can
debug TeX macros, and I also understand what is an active character and so
on, but in the real life TeX isn't much usefull for a LaTeX user. It is only
usefull when you try to know what is wrong with a macro, and when you want
LaTeX to do things that are forbidden. In fact I learned it for fun mostly.

> There are so few of us left! Occasionally I send
> mathematical problems / solutions / statements as TeX-files per email and
> I get letters saying: "I typed 'latex your_file.tex' and got nothing but
> errors".

Uhm, I think I would have done that too... Would I have realized that it was
plain TeX ? Idon't know... It is a good test !

> (I have nothing against LaTex, I just don't use it.)

It is necessary for edition sometimes. I cannot compare, as I have never
tried plain TeX ;-)

> I tried the tex-addon in Mu and found it supported LaTeX but not plain
> TeX. How difficult would it be to activate plain tex? Could it be enough
> to import the file 'plain.sty' or 'plain.tex' and call the binary with the
> correct arguments? Does anybody know?

It is a good question !


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