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From: Vesa-Pekka Palmu (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 16:23:30 CET

> > Would there be any point if I would remake the web site of mulinux
> > project, to make it easier to navigate and understand? I can make
> > my version of the site, and then you can decide to use it, or not.
> >
> The most important point is: when your work finished,
> can I enter - with a simple text editor such vi - in the mulinux.html
> file and add/remove my stuff, or I will find lines 132 chars long
> and with some other funny un-readable ascii character?
> If you produce the page with some Microsoft monster, the page
> probabily will look much better, but it can't be read
> by me anymore, an human: my mind do not accept html where the tags
> exceeds the 80% of the total :-)

Well I would do the page using a simple ascii text-editor (such as
ae or pico, because I don't like vi.. And my preferance is to use as
small amount of html as possible, I don't use any jave, because I
haven't had any time to learn it, and I think that it is mostly abused
on the net creating huge sites.

So if I only use standard html (without micrsoft additions) the html
will be viewable in almost every browser (can't be 100%, because I
havenšt got all of them;) and there will be no special ascii

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